About Them

This is a family  affair, the ‘Volcanic Island’ restaurant (used to be called Volcanic Islands but they have dropped the ‘s’) is owned and run by the Guckel family.  They opened their doors in 2011, their mission was to provide the finest food, drinks and service and certainly on our visits they exceeded all expectations. Sven is the Restaurant Manager and Head Chef and the inspiration behind the delicious range of dishes.

His brother Jens is the Head Waiter and makes sure their guests are well looked after.  They welcome children so it is a fine family restaurant with great food.

The Restaurants tag line is “Bad View, Best Food” and they are bang on on both fronts, our advice is to ignore the view, which is a building site that has been there for years, and enjoy the food, although it did look like some building activity has restarted, so they may have to change the sign! The place is easy to find on the road up from the Santa Barbara complex on the walk to San Blas Centre. Not fine dining in the true sense just great food in very comfortable surroundings with staff that really care. Click on the pic below to go to ther website.