Rincon de Andres

About Them

You will be looked after royally at the Rincon de Andres by the Head Chef and Owner Andres, It is becoming a go to place for meat dishes, but that would be to overlook the quality of the rest of the Menu. It is not that easy to find, it is on the Calle Paris more or less at the side of the Sol Arona and is located just past the junction of Calle Burna in a pedestrian setting. But when you find it you will be glad you did. First Class sevice and  food. You might be lucky and find a table free, but you will probably have to reserve by phone.


Under the concept of soul kitchen, a kitchen treated from the soul care and treat the products with great care and professionalism for the preparation of the dishes: Iberian sausages, marinated salmon carpaccio at home, salads with personal touches, ripened meats Andres hand made desserts and dishes out of a menu created with great delicacy and originality, dishes from both the sea and the land.

We are a different restaurant, where the quality of our products is assured. We do not work with anything frozen and everything is made here. In addition, from the seven tables that we have available in our premises you can see the kitchen and see how we cook and create the dishes.