Delhi Delights

About Them

The Delhi Delights is situated just behind the Safari Centre, walk past the light and music fountain and you are almost there. This restaurant has quickly developed a reputation for fine indian food and their tag line is “we serve memories, not just food”.  It aims at recreating the culinary traditions of India to create a  truly gastronomical adventure for both the connoisseur and the holidaymaker.
Delhi Delights experience is showcased through its unique spread represented by dishes from the key provinces of the country, it is also a firm favourite with vegetarians and their choice is second to none.

Through his experience, their Chef promises to offer the finest from across the vast historical land of India, retaining the authenticity of each dish while preparing them using their original traditional methods and recipes in collaboration with some of the oldest known artisans in the field from each region. The main focus of Delhi Delights is to revive the traditional recipes from across India with an emphasis on tracing the lineage of the Kebab and serving the greatest Curries of India. Click on the pic below for the full menu and the logo for their website