About Them

To give them their full name Dabda Wine Bar Tapas y Restaurant will now be a lot easier to find as the new Fantasia Bahia Principe has opened in front of it. Our guess is that the guests of the new all inclusive hotel will be tempted to try the Dabda and once they have they may wish they hadn’t chosen all inclusive. Again all the food is freshly prepared and the surroundings are very pretty. The atmosphere is great and the staff, first class.

Dabda is on the Avenida Jose Miguel Galvan Bello in front of the Fantasia Bahia Principe. It has an extensive wine list and selection of Champagnes the sangria is made with the original and traditional recipe but it is also offered with white wine and champagne you will be well looked after by Walter and Sinead Caribotti and their excellent staff. Click on the contact pic to go to their facebook page.