CHAR Modern cocina & grill

About Them

CHAR Modern cocina & grill is part of the Venture Restaurant Group, which also contains the excellent Imperial Tai Pan, Biancos and the Magic Night Club, all excellent upmarket establishments. Char Modern is situated in the chic fishing village of La Caleta. Their vision was to bridge an urban concept whilst maintaining its ambience for a truly memorable dining experience. They have managed to do this with amazing results. Their core menu embraces the Spanish traditions blended with a hint of international fusion.

Featuring speciality dishes such as fresh ceviche’s, traditional sharing plates, fresh market fish and quality select cuts provided by their very own butchers, Meat Boutique, which is also part of the Venture Restaurant Group

Samuel Hernández,  is the head chef at Char, pictred above, he is  an award winning chef and very well known in the canary islands. Char is proud to announce the introduction of the Josper oven used by the best kitchens the world over, this unique oven delivers unparalleled flavours & smokey tastes due to its uniquely high and intense cooking temperatures. The added value that comes from the Firewood (charcoal) to the raw sealing heat helps obtain the perfect texture and juiciness.

The links to their website and facebook page are below.

Their Ethos is below and the Menu is downloadable.